nao & izumi -- ok?

SHOXX Nao'ssu vol. 13 (back number)

this is the long awaited translation entry .. and i'm sorry to keep everyone waiting..(´Д`υ)
anyway, i hope you guys enjoy reading the story, this was in a way funny .. i envy Nao for having such control with his emotion
it's good that he can always see the brighter side of life and laugh off the bad experience.. i wish he could teach me how.. hehe..(^∀・)=☆
in a way, this translation is an achievement for me too, coz i haven't touch any japanese material since i finished my diploma a bit more than half a year ago..
and yes, it's kinda rusty.. so i apologize for that.. anyway, some of the words Nao wrote really doesn't make sense, so i kinda took the liberty to change around the translation just a little.. to make more sense of it..

well, lastly, i really hope you guys enjoy this.. and mm may i add doing translations sure makes one hungry..
i want shabu shabu/ sukiyaki/ onabe.. and damn it's so hot out here!

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hi everyone..

freaking long time no see.. my bad..
my last semester @ uni had been a total nightmare..
but now it's all over n stuff..

i'm just checking fisrt...
does everyone still read/will read/want to read/is interested to read more about Nao??
coz now that i'm back on holiday (and will pretty much be for the first half of next year) i think i'm gonna be able (finally) to continue the translation project..
but that's only gonna happen if i know people will still read them
otherwise.. i don't really see any point..

so yea, please respond guys.. thanks a lot for everyone who has been reading until now
(extra ♥ if you've commented hehe.. )

ciao for now~~

SHOXX Nao'ssu vol. 11 (back number)

my first update in 3 months!! (・∀・;) really sorry about the delay (as always)
but lots of things been going on.. mainly busy with school works (and still, but taking a little break atm)
anyway, without further ado, here's another back number .. VOLUME 11
i promise to finish translating up to vol 24 before asking people for more scans!(;´д`)
but it might take a while... anyway! ENJOY NAO's STORY!

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nao & izumi -- ok?

SHOXX Nao'ssu vol. 12 (back number)

again i apologize for the lack of update.. but here's one back number, hope you all enjoy it..
and i'm looking for scans on vol. 18 (Aug '05), 20 (Oct '05), 21 (Nov '05) and 22 (Dec '05)
if anyone can help.. then it'll be awesome! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

--> completed the scans much thanks to lilbluedragon

everyone, this is Nao.
ah I'm sorri for writing useless stories all the times~. but since the content for this edition is going to be a BOMB so please read them.
anyway i'm going to show a little of my feminine side... because i'll be telling my "complicated" and my embarassing experience while doing a part-time job.
long time ago, i was working part-time as a cleaning service.
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SHOXX Nao'ssu vol. 23

the autumn leaves have completely turned red.
i wonder if we can see those pretty crimson leaves a little bit longer?
the thing with autumn is that the scenery feels romantic with the touch of sephia colour, don't you think so?
ah, it's me.
it's me who rumour has it, hates autumn.
yeay♪ yay♪ yay♪ in my case, when it gets cold, the disease that makes my skin dry will come back.
to shorten it, i have [dry skin] disease which i really do not look forward to.
anyway, this edition of Memory Talk will be about [Magnum from Hell].

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SHOXX Nao'ssu vol. 10 (back number)

sorry for the extreeeeemly lack of updates on the project.. but i just finished my school and everything for this semester, so i should be able to catch up with most of the project before going back home for X'mas..^^;
i hope you guys are still enjoying these.. ^^
and oh thank you for everyone who has helped me collecting the scans so far..
and can anyone tell me if Nao's column is still up and running in new Shoxx?
*cough*i'd love to have the newer scans*cough*.. please...starting from vol 18 onwards..
anyway here we go with the back numbers!!!

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SHOXX Nao'ssu vol. 09 (back number)

everyone MORIiiiiN... hello, this is Nao.
ah~ the temperature change has been drastic, hasnt it~ does anyone catch the cold?
speaking of which, i'm the type who actually wants to catch the cold... because i want people to be worried about me..
ah anyway let's just leave that story, and let me tell you a weird experince i had while the sumer heat is still lingering.
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SHOXX Nao'ssu vol. 15

it's me. it's me who recently stop taking bufferin plus when im having headache.
everyone, do you know a sport called sepak takraw?
it's a kind of sport where a beach volley type of net is used and you have to kick the ball over the net to the opponent side (i don't know that much about it either)
but recently, i was given the official ball by a staff of a certain radio. it's so rare!!
i'm also extremely happy about it!! imagine, among the visual kei bandmembers, i would be the only one who has this ball!
and so i think i should be proud of it!

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SHOXX Nao'ssu vol. 07 (back number)

everyone, jagiiin!... hi, this is Nao.
Recently, i just joined soccer club, it's been a long time since i've shed the sweat of youth!
even when it's blank, think about the health (??).. with that feeling, this episode's talk is about soccer!
let me tell you a story about what happened on my first regular match, when i was on the first year of my high school (year 10).
clearly speaking, it wasn't a pleasant match. during the match, while i dribbled and entered the mark, the defense of the opponent team surrounded me.
the guy (defense team guy) who stuck his body to my back, was blowing to my ear "haa.. fuuuh..haa~fuuuh.."
even though it was an extraordinary unpleasant attack, i thought it was normal to be running out of breath during the match, and thus i decided to stay focus on the ball..
however, his breath was getting severely unsteady, and it sounded like "daaa.. daa.. dafuuuh.."
i realised, then, that he was doing it on purpose to harass me.. he was really pissing me off!
the next thing i know, i tackled him and pinned him down, and everything went silent for a while until the judgement whistle broke it off, and when i looked up, i saw a yellow card in the referee's right hand!! first match and a yellow card!
hence, the opponent's cheer team burst into cheer! what a spirit, but the seniors were encouraging.
they were saying stuff like "Naoran, nice tackle!", which i answered with a smile and thumb's up while running back to my original position.
but i understand it wasnt really to comfort me (??)
anyway, so even though it was a harsh experience, that day's match ended up in our victory, and so were the 2nd and third match.
frankly speaking, it was a miracle!! well, i think we were just lucky..
huh, you want to hear the result of the last match? a~h, well then there's no other way...
we actually lost 8 - 1
well it's not a baseball game.. so..
anyway with that i shall end this issue here, this is Nao!!

ps. sorry for the long long wait.. >_< ;;
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